Future IT Expert is a young company but with a team of the best specialists in IT.
Our team starts from the idea that time is very precious to you, so that our advantage is the quality of services. Every software project that is taken by us, is realized in the shortest time, with the latest technologies and to the highest exigency standards.

Our services include part of software development on demand or emergency development solutions. Software development offered by our company covers a variety of platforms and operating systems (.NET, JAVA, Python / Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Solaris, IBM ……, MACOS ).

Future IT expert is truly the expert you need to achieve automatic management of computer networks but also to implement an ITIL solution in your company. Future IT expert has experience in working with software solutions such as EMPIRUM or COLUMBUS.

Our partnerships with impressive companies in the IT market in Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia confirm the high quality of our team.


1. Digital Data Services - Romania - Romanian software house with an impressive insight into the development of IT solutions on Java technology.

2. Matrix42 - Germania - Future IT Expert has EMPIRUM solution portofolio and also the COLUMBUS for ITIL. An important part of the partnership is to provide software services for product EMPIRUM

3. BRAIN - Elvetia – is a partnership that offers the COLOMBUS solution and other solutions for software development

4. TAWASUL Services - KUWAIT - partnership in the development of software solutions

5. eGOVCD - Germania - partnership in the development of software solutions.


1. E-Learning solution built in open source technology. The solution has the following characteristics:

a. Online registration of a student by CV.
b. Automatic acceptance / rejection realised by an authorization department.
c. Automatic computer generation of username and password to support multiple choice tests.
d. MOODLE solution for a safe manner examination.
e. Automatic sending of the examination results for students and their recording to the database.

2. Secure solution for cloud. The solution is confidential and therefore we cannot provide further details.

3. Online marketing solution.The solution is confidential and therefore we cannot provide further details.